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Corporate & Commercial Law

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The broad experience of our lawyers comprising C.P. Erotocritou & Co LLC general business law group allows clients to receive all-inclusive legal counsel quickly with little to no learning curve. Acting alone or as a law firm, the general business team proves to be a tenacious force in defending a client's rights.

C.P. Erotocritou & Co LLC law firm advise clients on many general business issues, including but not limited to contracting for individuals or businesses, from neighbor-level to multi-million euro agreements, merger and acquisitions, fundraising, employment and succession planning. For succession plans, C.P. Erotocritou & Co LLC provides comprehensive business transition-planning services. These can incorporate careful long-term income tax planning for business and building business value. We can also assist in planning for an orderly distribution of assets so that beneficiaries receive the business's full value.

Corporate Law

Our firm consists of attorneys with a broad range of skills and experience in the commercial, corporate practice areas. We counsel clients in corporate and business matters both domestic and international; commercial financing and lending matters; contract law; corporate taxation; environmental law; real estate matters, including development and purchase; franchising; cooperatives; general and regulatory law; non-profit corporations and municipal law; mergers and acquisitions; formation and representation of corporations and professional corporations; partnerships; limited partnerships; limited liability companies; small business and personal business matters. 

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